A New Way to Clear a Clog

Ask if our hydro jetting service in Sylmar, CA is right for you

Over time, your sewer pipes can become filled with debris. This can lead to backups and property damage. That's why Logical Rooter Services offers a hydro jetting service in the Sylmar, CA area. This method uses pressurized water and a metal attachment to clean your clogged pipes. It's highly effective and works on many different types of pipes.

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Don't let a small clog become a big problem

Don't let a small clog become a big problem

Clogged sewer pipes can cause significant problems for your home. The most common signs of a clog are:

  • Bubbling or gurgling sounds
  • Toilets that won't flush
  • Water and sewage backup into drains or sinks

Our hydro jetting service will use water pressure to clean out and clear your sewer line. If the line is damaged, we can also replace the line.

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